10 Costliest Health Conditions for Your Life Insurance

When applying for life insurance, oftentimes the condition of your health comes into play. You may ask yourself, what health conditions will cost me the most? How expensive will it be for me to get coverage? Bankrate.com recently put together a list of the top 10 health hazards, according to executives at some of the most popular life insurance companies.

  1. High Blood Pressure
  2. Type 2 Diabetes
  3. Sleep Apnea
  4. Heart Disease
  5. Asthma
  6. Cancer
  7. Obesity
  8. Organ transplants
  9. Depression
  10. High Cholesterol

Make sure that if you have any of these health conditions that you take good care of yourself. Life insurers will be less likely to cover someone with a health condition if that person isn’t willing to keep themselves in the best form they possibly can. If you have one or more of these conditions, you can get coverage, but it will cost you. It will save you more money in the end to take care of yourself. Taking good care of yourself will not only enable you to get a life insurance policy to protect your family, but it will also ensure that you are around for them for longer.

Do you have questions on how to apply for life insurance? Want to know how your health condition will affect rates and coverage? Don’t make the mistake of assuming you won’t get coverage because of your health condition. Contact the agents at Headquarter Insurance by visiting our Virtual Insurance Office at www.headquarterinsurance.com.

State Farm Life Insurance Survey Shows 1/3 of American Homes Are Uninsured

Life insurance is not something that comes up in everyday conversation. Many Americans avoid speaking about the topic with their spouses and family members.

State Farm Life recently surveyed 1,001 Americans above the age of 18 about the issue. Around 62% of those questioned said life insurance is more important to them than it was two years ago due to the economic state. Even so, 74% said that they avoid discussing the issue because of the economic pressure and due to the fact they rather not bring up the death of a loved one.

Nearly half of the people surveyed agreed bringing up life insurance when a loved one looses a job tended to make the topic more sensitive and in turn have a negative effect on the mood of conversation.

Sixty-four percent of woman said they rather not discuss the topic of being the sole family income in the case something happened to their husbands, where in return only 47% of men felt the issue was a touchy subject.

According to Professor Mary Quist-Newins, State Farm Life Insurance chair for Women and Finance at the American College, “More Americans are struggling with job losses, pay cuts and other financial setbacks. These factors amplify feelings of anxiety and create a greater need to ensure the security of loved ones. Women in particular appear to be especially silent on this topic and this is troubling when increasing numbers of women are becoming primary income earners for their families.”

Around 1/3 of American homes are without life insurance according to LIMRA, the highest percentage in over 40 years. The main reason there are so many without coverage is due to high cost.

Among those surveyed only 32% said they were working towards achieving a financial surplus, where as 52% said they were working just to get by. Chief Administrative Officer at State Farm Life, Joe Monk, summed up the results by urging more couples to sit down and discuss the issues. That longer you wait to discuss life insurance, the more likely financial strain could be a future result.

How is Florida Life Insurance Sold?

Oftentimes we find that our clients are confused about not only how to buy Florida life insurance, but how we sell it as a product. There are two very basic ways of looking at how life insurance is sold; either we sell an individual policy or a group policy.

What are the differences, you may ask. An individual life insurance policy is bought by you, the policy holder. You get to choose the benefits, features, insurance company, etc. Usually when purchasing individual life insurance policies, you go through an independent insurance agent, like the agents at Headquarter Insurance. An insurance agent can help advise you on what type of policy to buy, help with the application process, etc.

On the other hand, group life insurance is either offered automatically from your employer or offered as an option through your employer. Group life policies can have a few benefits to them:

  1. You can oftentimes get lower rates on life insurance benefits because of how your employer handles the premiums
  2. There are usually no health qualifications
  3. Your payments are typically made by payroll deduction, not billing

Sometimes it can be hard to decide which option is for you. If your employer doesn’t offer group life coverage, then you’re faced with a lot of complicated research on what life insurance options are right for you and your family. Make sure you work with an insurance agent in the case of finding individual life coverage; this will help you make the right decision in the long run.

Visit Headquarter Insurance’s Virtual Insurance Office (www.HeadquarterInsurance) today for additional information on group life insurance plans for your business or individual life insurance plans such as term life coverage or whole life coverage.

Percentage of Those without Life Insurance Coverage Reaches New High

According to a recent Wall Street Journal article, nearly one third of U.S. households have no life insurance coverage. This is the highest percentage of those without coverage in over four decades. This means about 35 million U.S. households have neither their own life insurance protection nor are covered by an employer plan.

So why are less people buying life insurance? Most likely it’s the economic times. Many households have to cut corners due to the financial pressure of the current economic climate. Also, companies are finding ways to cut corners which can mean the end of employer-sponsored life insurance programs.

Whether you’ve been dropped from an employer plan or you cut your own coverage, being without life insurance may not be the best financial investment. If you are one of the many Americans living paycheck to paycheck, you need life insurance coverage to protect your family in the future. Could your family afford funeral costs without coverage? Could they pay off any debts you leave behind? Cutting your life insurance coverage may seem like a cost saving measure now, but later it could present your family and loved ones with debt.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking life insurance is a waste of money. You need comprehensive life insurance to protect both you and your family’s future. The insurance agents at HQ Insurance are happy to help with the life insurance needs of those in Florida and all over the U.S.! Visit our Virtual Insurance Office today at www.HeadquarterInsurance.com to learn more.

Is Universal Life Insurance Making a Comeback?

Living in today’s economy is a struggle; no surprise there. If you’re approaching retirement, you are probably feeling it more than ever. It’s hard to enjoy oncoming retirement when you’re worrying about the security of your funds and savings. How can Floridians help prevent this uncertainty? Universal life insurance.

According to American Agent & Broker, Florida universal life insurance is becoming an increasingly popular way to ensure retirement income. This type of policy offers guarantees, protection of principle, earned interest, and protection from creditors. Holders of a universal life policy can access their money before age 59 ½.

So why, you might ask, have universal life policies been unpopular? The premiums are higher, however, these policies provide a more conservative approach to retirement funds and build more excess cash value.

Still have questions? Or, do you want a quote for universal life insurance to see how it will work for you? Visit our Virtual Insurance Office at www.HeadquarterInsurance.com today to contact us for more information!

Foods That’ll Kill You: Sandwiches You Need Florida Life & Health Insurance to Eat, Part 2

Last week we outlined the first 5 “deadliest” sandwiches as presented by Esquire. Let the information on these last 5 sandwiches show you that the most convenient foods are most definitely not the best foods for your health.

We advise that you make sure you have adequate Florida life insurance and health insurance policies intact if you eat foods like these:

  1. Sonic: Chicken Club Toaster

    This 742 calorie sandwich contains fried chicken, bacon, and buttered Texas toast.

  2. Togo’s: Black Forest Ham & Cheese

    This is no ordinary ham and cheese deli sandwich. This sandwich contains 1,040 calories and 202 percent of your daily sodium intake!

  3. Dunkin Donuts: Tuna Salad Sandwich

    Served on a toasted bagel, this sandwich rings in at 540 calories with tuna doused in mayo.

  4. Jack in the Box: Deli Trio Grilled Sandwich

    At 624 calories, this sandwich contains multiple deli meats stuffed between “pickle fillets” and “artisan bread.”

  5. Krispy Kreme: Sloppy Joe.

    This sandwich is not actually made by Krispy Kreme, but is a “delight” enjoyed by many across the country. This concoction contains a Krispy Kreme donut divided in half like bread slices with Sloppy Joe meat mixture in between. The donuts itself contains 200 calories, plus however much Sloppy Joe mix you decide to stuff in between.

With all of these “delectable” choices out there, who could resist? We recommended resisting all of these temptations, for the benefits of your health and future. Of course if the temptation is too great to resist, our agents recommend securing your life and health insurance before digging into these meals. Visit our Virtual Insurance Office, www.HeadquarterInsurance.com, today to learn more about our company!

Foods That’ll Kill You: Sandwiches You Need Florida Life & Health Insurance to Eat

Esquire recently released an article outlining the 10 worst sandwiches for your health. In light of the deli sandwich recall at Wal-Mart stores, many are looking at just how bad a deli sandwich can get, recalled or not.

Unfortunately sometimes it takes a situation like a food recall to get us to open our eyes to nutritional information. There are a lot of foods that are easily and conveniently available to Americans, causing rates of health issues like obesity to rise. At HQ Insurance, we want to make sure that Floridians are protected with adequate life insurance and health insurance in FL.

This week we’ll outline the first 5 “deadly” deli sandwiches:

  1. Arby’s Large Beef n’ Cheddar with Pepper Bacon

    This large and in charge sandwich has 740 calories! The roast beef alone has 340 calories!

  2. Subway Chicken Bacon & Ranch

    This foot long sub boasts 1,140 calories.

  3. Denny’s New Fried Cheese Melt

    Although this sandwich is only $4, it packs in 895 calories. You get what you pay for.

  4. Blimpie 12-inch Hot Pastrami Super Stacked

    This sandwich is both tall and long, coming in at 1,150 calories.

  5. Jason’s Deli – New York Yankee

    This sandwich boasts 92 grams of protein, but this “quality” is quickly diminished by its 1,189 calories and 69 grams of fat!

Stop by next week when we reveal the last 5 “deadly” deli sandwiches. In the mean time, visit our Virtual Insurance Office (www.HeadquarterInsurance.com) to learn more about Florida life insurance and health insurance. Make sure you’re protected before embarking on these culinary journeys!

Don’t Lie on Your Florida Life Insurance Application; It Could Cost You in the End!

You might be asking yourself why someone would lie on their life insurance application. Oftentimes saving money is the driving force behind such an action, but really, you can end up paying big time in the end. Your family can be left with crippling debt from one “little white lie” on your life insurance application.

If you’ve had surgery before, have a long-standing illness such as diabetes, smoke, etc; make sure you disclose all information on your Florida life insurance application. Insurance companies can investigate the cause of an insured’s death and if they find that a cause was directly related to an undisclosed illness, for example, they can refuse to pay your family the benefits of your policy. Life insurance companies have the right to deny a claim should undisclosed information be involved. For the sake of your loved ones and the beneficiaries on your life policy, don’t lie!

The agents at Headquarter Insurance are happy to help all those in Florida with life insurance applications. We can take you step-by-step to make sure your application is most accurate. Visit our Virtual Insurance Office (http://www.HeadquarterInsurance.com) today for a free life insurance quote and learn more about us!

What’s the Deal with Florida Life Insurance?

This is a question our agents get all the time. Most Floridians understand the importance of health insurance, but life insurance is a form of coverage that can oftentimes get overlooked.  Life insurance is important for those of any age, health standing, etc.  There can be misconceptions surrounding the details and rates of life insurance coverage.

One major misconception of Florida life insurance is that those in poor health cannot obtain a policy; this is not the case. Another common misconception is that life insurance is only for those with children. Life insurance policies are not just for the healthy, they’re for all Floridians. We provide life insurance to all types of individuals: smokers, non-smokers, parents, singles, etc.

Don’t make the mistake of overlooking life insurance coverage. You should always talk to an insurance agent before making such a decision. Lucky for those in Florida, it doesn’t cost you a dime to talk to the agents at HQ Insurance. We encourage those searching for Florida life insurance to call us at 800.625.3778 to discuss the coverage options available that suit your lifestyle.

To get informed and to get a free online quote for life insurance in FL, visit our Virtual Insurance Office today at www.HeadquarterInsurance.com.

Aetna CEO on Health Care Reform: To Get More You Pay More

The Wall Street Journal’s Alan Murray sat down with Aetna Chairman and CEO Ronald Williams last week to discuss health care reform and what it will mean for Americans.

Williams has been a strong advocate in the health care community for the new legislation, but he also acknowledges that the reform comes at a price. “To get more you have to pay more,” he says regarding the coverage in the new legislation. However, Williams points out that the benefits outweigh the negatives, as the number of insured Americans will increase.

You can watch Williams’ interview on health care reform in its entirety below:

Have questions regarding how the health care bill will affect your Florida health insurance coverage? Call the agents at HQ Insurance to discuss your policy at 800.625.3778. You can also learn more about health insurance in FL by visiting our Virtual Insurance office at www.HeadquarterInsurance.com.